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Tune & Repair Services

Piano Tuning: Tuning a piano can be as simple as adjusting the tension strings to create the right pitch, but sometimes more complex tuning is required. A piano that has not been tuned in a long time may require additional tuning to restore it to proper pitch and a pleasant sound.

Piano Repair: Sometimes, a piano needs more than a basic tuning to get all the notes working and playing well. It may be as simple as removing a coin from between two keys (no charge) missing or broken parts, adjustments to how the parts work. . In my initial visit I will inspect the piano and determine what needs to be done, what repairs will cost, and how the repairs will effect piano. 

Piano Rebuild: A piano rebuild involves replacement of parts that have worn out over time or just aren’t usable. The decision to rebuild will weigh the value that is added to the piano in performance and longevity against cost. The level of work may be minor or extensive.

General Maintenance/Routine Service: If you want to keep your piano sounding and working well, I can provide regularly scheduled general inspections, service and maintenance to ensure that your pitch is never off.  

Additional Services

    • Key Top Repairs & Replacement
    • Clean Inside of Piano
    • Humidity Controls
    • Regulation of Action
    • Inspection
    • Player Piano Services

Don Bratton, RPT

Piano Technicians Guild